Eligible Projects

Target energy management projects in the commercial and industrial sectors

Energy efficiency upgrades implemented under energy savings performance contracts. Typical technologies and measures include:

  • HVAC/chiller retrofits
  • high-efficiency motors
  • variable speed drives
  • pumps
  • compressed air systems
  • process efficiency improvements
  • LED relamping
  • building or facility management systems
  • smart metering and controls
  • fuel switches
  • short-payback building envelope improvements

Distributed renewable generation and energy storage projects implemented through host energy-offtake agreements. Typical system technologies include:

  • rooftop solar PV
  • solar thermal cooling
  • district cooling
  • district heating/steam
  • waste heat recovery/organic Rankine cycle
  • waste-to-energy (indigenous/process waste)
  • biomass-fired power and steam generation
  • thermal energy storage
  • battery energy storage